Mark Shreeve - Riding the Edge Bruton

From Berlin School influenced composer Mark Shreeve here is a library moog album. I've really liked Mark's work especially with his group Redshift where he proved the master of the Moog modular. If you like 80s Tangerine Dream you'll love his stuff. Thanks to whoever originally uploaded this album.



Beaver & Krause - Ragnarok 1969

This is an early electronic album from 1969 that's very rare. Thanks to litlgray for the cover scan. Ragnarok


BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Fourth Dimension

Here you go kiddies the home of Dr Who the BBC Radiophonic Workshop does a great spacey album.

Fourth Dimension by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop


A1. Scene & Heard
A2. Just Love
A3. Vespucci
A4. Reg
A5. Tamariu
A6. One-Eighty-One


B1. Fourth Dimension
B2. Colour Radio
B3. Take Another Look
B4. Kaleidoscope
B5. The Space Between
B6. Flashback


Ruth White

Here we have a couple of early 70s strange vocal and moog albums from Ruth White courtesy of Reza.

Flowers of Evil showcases Ruth's moog doodlings overlaid with her readings of poetry all done in a sombre and rather creepy way. Not light entertainment but kind of creepily atmospheric for those quiet halloween nights.

In 1971, the Moog synthesist Ruth White released an album called Short Circuits which includes versions of a number of favorite classics. Among them is a rendition of "Les Barricades Mystérieuses" which, under the title "Variations on Couperin's Rondeau ("Les Barricades mystérieuses")," is the only piece on the album which deviates enough from the original for her to credit the result to herself. Her variations involve the piece, played quite quickly, with a descant over the top playing a jaunty medley of bits and pieces, including some of Yankee Doodle. The result is actually rather pleasant. The cover is notable for its psychedelic art.

Files courtesy of Reza. See the previous post's comments for the links.


Yuji Ohno - Cosmos

Really nice space sounds album from 1981. Yuji is a Japanese jazz composer who has composed music scores. Thanks to the original sharer of this album.



Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard - The Mighty Moog

Don't know too much about this one but it features a couple of pioneers of early moog music.

The Mighty Moog
Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard
EMBASSY EMB -24142. CBS INC. (USA) 1971

01 España
02 Malagueña
03 Carmen (Preludio al acto 1ero)
04 Carmen (Habanera)
05 Carmen (Introducción al acto 1ero Toreador)
06 Bolero

Mighty Moog


Dick Hyman - The Age of Electronicus

Command Records 946-S

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Give It Up or Turn it Loose
Green Onions

Time is Tight
Both Sides Now

In the 1960s, Hyman recorded several innovative pop albums on Enoch Light's Command Records. At first, he used the Lowrey Organ, on the albums Fabulous and The Man From O.R.G.A.N. He later recorded several albums on the Moog Synthesizer which mixed original compositions and cover versions, including Moog: Electric Eclectics, and The Age of Electronicus.

He's still alive at 80 years of age. Age of Hyman