Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard - The Mighty Moog

Don't know too much about this one but it features a couple of pioneers of early moog music.

The Mighty Moog
Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard
EMBASSY EMB -24142. CBS INC. (USA) 1971

01 España
02 Malagueña
03 Carmen (Preludio al acto 1ero)
04 Carmen (Habanera)
05 Carmen (Introducción al acto 1ero Toreador)
06 Bolero

Mighty Moog


Dr. Schluss said...

I love me some freaky Moog. Keep 'em coming if you can!

Cornelius said...

This album was released in North America as "Everything you wanted to hear by the Moog Synthesizer...but were afraid to ask for".

El Quixote Manchado said...

I remember back in the old... 60's I think, there was a radio station in Mexico City (XEQ) who used to make audio adjustments at the sound of the Kazdin's version of Ravel's Bolero, and my dad used to wake us up turning on the radio just at 6 AM every morning. It was a sweet wakeup. I ended up loving this version so much I moved heaven and earth until back in the 90's (I mean 30 years later) I was able to find the record, a used one, but it came with another cover. It was a really wired (too many wires) head of a Flamenco lady, red clover and everything. AND HERE IT IS!!! >Ð

yeahboone said...

soo awesome. i used to love this tape when i was a kid - thanks for posting this!

Aniat said...

For those about to Moog...
I made myself a paper MiniMoog, 'cause I had to sell mine

I hope you like it http://www.jamondelmar.com/deposito/mini_paper_moog.pdf

Chuck said...

You have no clue how many years I've been looking for this exact collection of music. My parents had this on an unlabeled tape I literally wore out listening to as a child - never knew the names of the songs or instrument until I got really really curious and began digging. Thanks so much for posting...now I wish I could find the exact version of Summer of '42 (also on that tape)...

Kohntarkosz said...

For what it's worth, Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z Shepard were actually classical music producers. Kazdin worked with the likes of Glenn Gould and Leonard Bernstein. Shepard produced a lot of Broadway cast albums. I think both of them have won numerous Grammies (one of Shepard's was for a Sesame Street album!).

I think this is the one synthesizer record either of them were involved in. They were no doubt subsequently embarrassed by the blatant bandwagon jumping involved, and decided to return to producing records.

jose comun said...



Some that could offer more CONTRAST!

also... click where to listen or to download?