BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Fourth Dimension

Here you go kiddies the home of Dr Who the BBC Radiophonic Workshop does a great spacey album.

Fourth Dimension by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop


A1. Scene & Heard
A2. Just Love
A3. Vespucci
A4. Reg
A5. Tamariu
A6. One-Eighty-One


B1. Fourth Dimension
B2. Colour Radio
B3. Take Another Look
B4. Kaleidoscope
B5. The Space Between
B6. Flashback


Davecat said...

Pretty ace! What year was this from?

Also, hope you don't mind, but I've linked you on my site, as analogue-driven electronic music is one of my obsessive interests!...

Old Vinyl said...

Hi Davecat,
Well if you like this you will like my stuff as this is where it came from, it's my image for sure, and I would bet it's from my rip too.



Old Vinyl said...

Dear Moodswings,

Do you think it's right to take someone elses rip and re-rip it and then take the credit for someones time and effort.

Could you not have done the decent thing and relate to where you found the album.

Please don't try and say that it's not from me as I recognise the image etc.

mr moog said...

Thanks old vinyl but as I said in my preamble in the sidebar:

"Some shares will be albums found in my meanderings around the web and I thank any sharers who provided the original albums."

I cant remember where I get most of my stuff so a general thank you will have to do.

mr moog said...

hey old vinyl i just had a look at your site, its great by the way, and I'm pretty sure i haven't visited it before so i must have got it from somebody else who pinched it from you lol

Old Vinyl said...

Mr Moog,

Yes, you are probably right, no problems, glad you like my blog.