Ruth White

Here we have a couple of early 70s strange vocal and moog albums from Ruth White courtesy of Reza.

Flowers of Evil showcases Ruth's moog doodlings overlaid with her readings of poetry all done in a sombre and rather creepy way. Not light entertainment but kind of creepily atmospheric for those quiet halloween nights.

In 1971, the Moog synthesist Ruth White released an album called Short Circuits which includes versions of a number of favorite classics. Among them is a rendition of "Les Barricades Mystérieuses" which, under the title "Variations on Couperin's Rondeau ("Les Barricades mystérieuses")," is the only piece on the album which deviates enough from the original for her to credit the result to herself. Her variations involve the piece, played quite quickly, with a descant over the top playing a jaunty medley of bits and pieces, including some of Yankee Doodle. The result is actually rather pleasant. The cover is notable for its psychedelic art.

Files courtesy of Reza. See the previous post's comments for the links.


shadrac blintz said...

thanks for all this moogilicious goodness..
There are some moog LPs available over at http://thirdisland.blogspot.com/

Reza said...

Hi glad you posted my uploads :)
Hope you all enjoy

BTW its Reza not Rega

Mr Moogy said...

Sorry for the typo reza and shadrac yes, the third island blog is indeed good.

THXjay said...

Just wanted to say what a great new music blog you've started here, it's great to see unusual moog albums being shared.


AMP said...

i love moog! i love your moogly blargschpott! live long and moog!


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I think i'm in love. with your blog. linking you up to mine @

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moog source changed my life forever many years ago. I think it was possessed.

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Reza said...

Next up, more bizzare moog (my upload)

Machine Danse - Pierre Henry


Anonymous said...

great blog! does anyone have "the discotheque sound"?

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gracias por el disco

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Thanks for the disks!

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A complete Ruth White Biography